CSI COURSE Descriptions





ACA Accreditation

This course is individualized for the program model applying for ACA accreditation. The course covers the accreditation process and preparation procedures through achieving accreditation.

Annual SOW Training

This training session will include a review of the current Federal Bureau of Prisons Statement of Work as it relates to residential programs housing Federal inmates.


This is a 3 hours course on the ART model of anger and aggression controls a standalone intervention or cognitive behavioral intervention to support other models for specific individual issues.

Bloodborne Pathogen Program

This course concentrates on risks of disease transmission, epidemiology, engineering and administrative controls and individual/employer rights and responsibilities. Presentations are individualized dependent upon staff needs.

Breathalyzer Training

This course is a technical review of all aspects of alcohol testing using the Alco Sensor III hand held unit.


When calibration procedures are included an addition hour on the procedures to calibrate the unit.

Case Plan

This session will train case managers in the case plan form and process, utilizing assessment results to maximize outcomes.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This course will provide an overview of the Cognitive Behavioral Theories of emotional disturbance and change.  Participants will learn how to apply the cognitive model of assessment to clients experiencing a wide variety of emotional, behavioral and personality problems.  Techniques for challenging irrational and distorted beliefs and dysfunctional patterns will also be reviewed and practiced through role-play demonstrations.  Participants will also learn strategies to assist clients in fostering productive belief systems and functional behaviors.  Methods of applying cognitive principals to clients participating in individual or group sessions will also be discussed.  

Conducting Safety Inspections

This course is a full day review of the inspection process, inspection tools and a review of national safety and sanitation standards as well as contractual requirements.

CPR/First Aid

This course is broken into two sections, CPR and First Aid.  The facilitator is a certified Red Cross Instructor.  All participants who pass will receive Red Cross Certification. Course components may be presented in a variety of components to meet program needs:

  • Adult CPR
  • Adult CPR with AED (Automatic External Defibrillator)
  • Child and Infant CPR
  • Basic First Aid
  • Workplace Training Standard First Aid with AED


Crisis Intervention

This course focuses on early intervention and nonphysical methods for preventing or controlling disruptive behavior (de-escalation of incidents) using the CPI model.

Cultural Diversity

This training will provide a basic understanding of the Hispanic and African American cultural, social, spiritual, sociological, and political development, which may interfere with the treatment of the Hispanic/African-American client. Also during the training some of the topics that will be present are: A. The impact of the DSM-IV and the potential sources of cultural bias, B. Clinical issues in the treatment of Chicano male gang member and the possible applications of this method to our clients, C. The Minority Development (MID) Model.

Defensive Driving

Agency procedures for reducing accidents and improving driver safety based upon the National Safety Council's "Coaching the Van Driver" program.

Employment Services

This training will help Employment Specialists understand how to network with the community and develop ongoing linkages and employment opportunities for clients.    


A full day review of ethics as they apply to community corrections. The impact of role modeling and the consequences of unethical conduct.

Evolv Admin Training

Basic use of the Evolv System with focus on client search, referrals, intake, discharge, reporting and supervisor approval.

Evolv Finance Training

Basic Evolv training with focus on claims and billing.

Evolv Therapist Training

Basic use of the Evolv system with focus on client services.


This training follows the basic FBI guidelines for obtaining acceptable impressions for identification of clients and proper completion of all forms normally used.

Group Facilitation

This session will assist participants in understanding the group process and techniques to enhance their facilitation styles.  Participants will focus on understanding their personal learning style and how that affects their facilitation technique.  The keys to adult learning theory will be explored as well as conflict resolution strategies.

Hazard Communications Program

This course concentrates on the risks of handling chemicals, personal protective equipment, Material Safety Data Sheets, responding to spills, Right-To-Know, employee/employer rights and responsibilities. Program length and content is individualized to meet program needs.

Incident Report Writing

This training is a course on effective writing to record events. Appropriate forms and descriptions including evidence are reviewed.


This is a 4 day training focusing on the administration and interpretation of the LSI-r and ASUS-r.  The LSI-r identifies risk to re-offend, criminogenic needs and protective factors.  Participants will learn how to conduct the interview, score the instrument and interpret the results. The ASUS-r, a self-report survey based on the willingness of the client to self-disclose areas of problem behavior and personal adjustment.  The training will be interactive and allow participants the opportunity to master the instrument and apply it to their work setting. 

Management Training

A 3 day course encompassing Leadership, Financial Management, Information Technology and Personnel Issues.

Mandatory Reporting

This course is a one hour seminar on CT mandatory statutes, staff responsibilities and reporting requirements.

Motivational Interviewing

This is a 2 day interactive seminar designed to train staff in the effective use of basic and advanced strategies of motivational interviewing, an effective, client-centered, non-confrontational approach to increasing internal motivation for change.  Participants will be taught how to apply these strategies to their day to day occupations, through the use of role plays, demonstrations and other experiential activities. 

MI Booster

This is a half day refresher concentrating on coaching of trained staff utilizing the intervention.

NIK Drug Testing

This course is a review of the NIK Polytesting system with hands-on use of the kits to identify suspect materials.

OSHA Certification

Courses are individualized to meet OSHA requirements for certification training for either 10 or 30 hour certification.

Pat & Pocket Searches

This course is a 1 hour interactive demonstration of procedures used in conducting body searches safely and recording results.

Performance Appraisal Writing

This is a 3 hours class for new supervisors on completing performance appraisals that positively impact your employees.

R&R 2-r

This is a 3 day interactive seminar covering the curriculum Reasoning and Rehabilitation II-revised.  Upon completion, participants will be certified facilitators of the R&R curriculum.


This is a course on the nature of contraband, control methods and the use of effective search techniques.

SecurManage Basic Training

Basic use of the SecurManage system including basic client search, intake, discharge and use of all log entries.

SecurManage Advanced Training

Advanced SecurManage training includes client accountability and medication dispensing.

Sexual Abuse and Assault Prevention

This is a course on protecting clients from the risk of abuse by clients, staff and other persons of authority. The nature of abuse and reporting requirements are covered.

Sexual Harassment

This course is a seminar on the prohibition of sexual harassment in the workplace and reporting procedures.

Suicide Prevention

This course is a seminar on the indicators in the identification process for risk factors. Attitudes and motivators to suicide and referral agencies for evaluation and treatment.

Treating Alcohol Dependence

This is a 2 day interactive seminar on the curriculum Treating Alcohol Dependence, Second Edition: A Coping Skills Training Guide.  This curriculum is a cognitive based intervention for the adult population.  It will be presented in a didactic manner.    

Urinalysis Testing Procedures

This is a course covering the urinalysis testing system, policy and specific requirements of each modality of testing used.